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Welcome Moodle 2.2! ( - 2.2 Release Notes)
Moodle 2.2 provides all the same great features as 1.9,
but also contains some new and revised options.
Here are a few examples:

  • Revised “Add a resource” menu items 
  • Docking feature for blocks
  • Additional blocks such as course completion, comments, quickmail, and section links
  • New file uploading area (File Picker)
  • Revised Settings functionality
  • New text editor (TinyMCE)
  • Workshop Activity
  • Rubrics
  • Restrict access (conditional settings) for activities and resources
  • Activity completion tracking

Differences between old and new Moodle for grading (as always we recommend keeping a spreadsheet with your grading data on your local computer - if you need assistance with creating one - let us know!

  1. When grading activities - the “number of attempts on assignments” link only increments a value if your assignment “setting” has the “Send for marking” button set to “Yes”. And then, the student has to literally select the “Send for Grading” button (drafts won’t increment the counter as they had in the past). If “Send for marking” is set to “No”, the counter will not increment. So, when going to look at assignments submitted, just click on the link “No attempts have been made on this assignment”. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that your students indeed may have submitted their work. I have reported this change to our vendor to see if the Moodle Development Community can fix the bug.
  2. For those of you using Essay questions as quizzes, the process of manual grading is more laborious. There is no fix. You’ll have to grade each student’s essay one at a time (no batch mode).

Please note - Moodle has an automatic timeout for perceved inactivity, which means that anything that takes longer than 10 minutes to edit or create should be saved on your local computer before submitting on Moodle. This can be done by selecting all the area you are working on (Ctrl a), copy (Ctrl c), open your word processor, and paste (Ctrl v) into a new document.

Last modified: Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 10:06 AM